All About Greeting cards – Types, Printing, Delivery

Posted on: May 19, 2015

As we all know, greeting cards is simplest way to express something you want to say. You can say sorry, wish birthday, congratulate the person, wish good luck, wish on occasions, propose someone you love, and as this type you can express everything via greeting cards. In short this is a lovely way to express. So, for this to work properly for you, you should remind following things about greeting cards printing Dubai .

Greeting’s look

One should always keep in mind that the first impression is more important. This means a lot. So you have to make the greeting very tempting to grab the attention of the card viewers. There are number of ways to make lovely greetings. You should bring different kind of papers to make a card. It should be colourful. You can buy all stuffs like glue, papers, and other decorating stuffs from nearby market and go for it. Also you should make a good envelope for this to cover in.

Message writing

It is also very important the way you express your feelings in words. You should create short but sweet message for the person whom you want to send a greeting card. You can make text with different fonts of the text. You can make text bit stylish in your greeting cards. So this will also help in making a card attractive. Use different inks to make a text. Like this, create a proper and heart touching message.

Delivery of cards

Pay more attention on delivery of a card on time. Because you will feel embarrassing if it will reach after an occasion to a person you want to send a card. You should write proper address on envelope to deliver it on time without problem .Because in any circumstances, card should deliver on time.


If you are unable to send a card on time as it takes a bit time to make a good card. There is another option for it if it is not possible. can also send e-cards to a person. There are websites in bulks having an e-card for different messages whichever you want. So just don’t worry if you can’t make it.

Types of cards

There are number of type of cards you can make on each occasion like birthday cards, marriage anniversary cards, sorry card and festival cards such as Christmas etc.